About Pilot in Training

Pilot in Training was established by pilots for pilots. We saw the need for the custom made training procedures and techniques to improve general aviation safety and aviation safety in general, to educate the pilots and flight crews. We think that aviation education needs to be constantly evolving and improving.

Pilot in Training was established by Slava Mordehaev, a senior instructor and a commercial pilot who brings a unique technique which he personally developed by using his experience as a mechanic in the Israeli Air Force and as a commercial pilot in the US.
The Pilot in Training team consists of the professional commercial pilots, experienced instructors, DPEs (consultant examiners), graphic designers, etc.

Our Mission


PILOT IN TRAINING is a training platform designed by commercial pilots for pilots. We set up ambitious but realistic goals which can get you moving forward. Pilot in Training is constantly working to improve training methods and safety in flight by improving training processes and techniques for the student pilots and current pilots as well. 
Pilot in Training is committed to provide an up-to-date information and training. We offer online computer based training and online support with our experienced flight and ground instructors. You’ve found yourself here most likely because you’ve always dreamed of flying. We cannot wait to lead you the way.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Slava is an excellent instructor, both on the ground and in the air. Slava maintains a high level of professionalism, and places much emphasis on safety. I believe that he prepared me well for my written test and check ride (PPL); much credit goes to his style of instruction.
Daniel M.
Ever since I was a little boy and saw my uncles take flight as commercial pilots I've always felt it in my DNA to pursue the career as a pilot. It took one discovery flight with Slava, now CEO of PIT, to realize I was meant for the skies. I now have my PPL and working on my instrument and commercial rating thanks to the level of expertise provided to me via well structured ground lessons and flight instructions by Slava. One of the most unique and exquisite things I appreciate with PIT is safety. Look, the truth is no matter how seasoned one is as a pilot the number 1 thing that certifies one as truly an experience and good pilot is always knowing that you are constantly learning and always practice all safety regulations you learn as a student. This is the number one rule for PIT and I 100% stand by it. I would recommend this institution "PIT" to anyone wanting to pursue a career in aviation or to become a pilot on any level.
Qwesi A.