Private Pilot License

Our Hourly Rates

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$ 150 Per Hour + Tax
  • avg. aircraft rental rates on the market $135 - $170 per hr


$ 60 Per Hour
  • avg. instructor rates on the market $55 - $85

Frequently asked questions

As minimum as 2 months to a one year and it all directly depends on student pilot’s schedule and availability.

We would highly recommend to start from a Discovery Flight/Introduction Flight to make sure that this is what you really looking for and see how it feels.
But the best action will be to reach out to our team of exports to schedule a free consultation and build a unique training program that will fit your schedule and availability.
Training signing up requirements:
The new student will be required  to undergo the screening procedures following the guidance from TSA and to pass a medical examination.
To start a training you will need to show a proof of US citizenship or meet the Alien Flight Student Program requirements (TSA standard check) and have at least 3rd Class FAA medical or Basic Med.

Private Pilot License training begins from $8,800.

Pilot in Training provides a free consultation on how you can get the best outcome from your training and save money on your flight or ground training.
Reach out to our Pilot in Training team of professional flight and ground instructors for your free consultation today at 929.235.4272. We are also available on WhatsApp and at [email protected]

PiT regularly runs promotions. Please reach out to us to find out about it. 

Yes, the minimum age for a first solo is 16 and the minimum age to obtain Private Pilot License is 17.
Reach out to our team of exports to ask about Pilot in Training Cadet Program (special program for people under the age of 16).

Pilot in Training Flight Academy unique ground program will prepare you to the FAA written/knowledge test and will review and cover the required subjects by the FAA, this program will introduce you to the theoretical part of aviation.
Upon completion you will receive an endorsement from your instructor that state that you completed to ground school and you are ready for your final exams.

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