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Log in to our pilot online ground school cloud based system from wherever you are and start the class at your own convenient time and from the comfort of your own location. You can pause the course when life gets in the way and resume working on the course materials whenever you are ready. 

Multi Device Compatibility

Our unique online training program and materials are compatible across multiple mobile and desktop devices. Expect uninterrupted learning at your fingertips, regardless of the device you started on.

Online Training

Study from wherever your are and at your own time, save travel time and fuel, and never miss a class! Choose the plan that works best for you: one-on-one training over Zoom or self-paced online learning.

You're not Alone

With a simple click of a button, Flight and Ground instructors are available to answer any of your questions and share their knowledge and experience. We're always there to respond to your inquiries and to offer guidance.

The Most Updated Info

Here you will always find the most up-to-date training techniques and materials. Our content is never stale! The world we live in is constantly changing, so your training program should reflect those changes.


Online Courses

You can purchase the Online ground program and review it on your own. If you have questions - no worries! You can ask our instructors for assistance.

Online Ground Training

The Ground courses are covered one on one with our professional instructors over Zoom. Subjects are reviewed and explained to you in real time.

Online Group Training

Another option you have is to join an online classroom over Zoom for a group training.

Choose the perfect plan

NOTE: it is recommended to reach out to our team of counselors for assistance in finding the best plan for you that would fit your needs the most.


self study


self study plus



Frequently asked questions

Pilot in Training and our team of ground and flight instructors are available to provide online training and coaching over Zoom video conference. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone! 
When you register for one of our unique ground programs you get assigned to one of our professional ground instructors who will be your mentor and who will guide you trough the entire course.

The course is designed for 25 hours of training. We schedule the lessons for 2-hour long sessions. The rest depends on the student’s availability and good job with the home assignments.

Pilot in Training provides a free consultation on how you can get the best outcome from your training and save money on your flight or ground training.
Reach out to our Pilot in Training for your free consultation today at 929.235.4272. We are also available on WhatsApp and at [email protected]

PiT regularly runs promotions. Please reach out to us to find out about it. 

You or your designated instructor will schedule a ground lesson on Zoom. Once the schedule is made you and your instructor will be notified by email and provided a link to enter.
For more information we will send you a link with a tutorial on how to use Zoom.
NOTE: in order to use Zoom all you need to do is install Zoom on your cellphone/tablet/computer. It’s a free software for you to use as a student/user.

For more questions Contact Us