Flight Training

Private Pilot License

Is an initial certificate that someone can obtain to become a pilot in United States. Upon completion this certificate allows you to operate and rent an airplane and carry passengers for day and night. Read more about the FAA requirements to obtain and maintain the Private Pilot License.

Private Pilot License
Instrument Pilot

One of the most important and most rewording certificates that pilot can obtain. upon completion of this course the pilot will be able to fly in the clouds and above, in a low visibility conditions.
We are highly recommend to take this training to improve your pilot skills and knowledge, to improve situational awareness and safety in flight. Click on read more to get information about the FAA requirements to obtain the Private Pilot License.

Commercial Pilot

Become a professional pilot and start getting paid for what you love. This is the point where you master your pilot skills and will be expected to demonstrate a high level of safety, situational awareness and professionalism. Here you can read more about the FAA requirements to obtain and maintain the Commercial Pilot License.